ATLAS: Access To Leisure And Sport

About ATLAS  

Atlas (Access To Leisure And Sport Inc.) is a public benevolent non-profit charity organization. We are based in Geraldton, Western Australia and have been serving the community since 2003.

We work to increase people with disabilities access and inclusion in community.

Access is about making the physical facilities suitable for all people to be able to participate

Inclusion is about the culture of a group or organization.  It is how it feels to get involved.  Whether you feel welcome and able to get involved in areas that interest you to your full capacity.

To achieve improvements in access and inclusion we work both with people with disabilities and with organisers and developers directly.  This two way process is designed to bring people together to enable better decisions about how we make a better community now and in the future.

We don't run programs, we help people to get involved in what-ever is happening in the community.

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