ARAFMI Has been rebranded

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 September 2015 at 2:36:54 PM

The organisation formerly known as ARAFMI has been rebranded into Helping Minds, the not for profit Mental Health Services and Carer support organisation. The new organisation name HelpingMinds reflects our commitment to provide quality counselling, respite and support services to carers and individuals affected by mental health. 

One new service added here in Geraldton is Young Minds, a preventative program seeking to early-intervene with youth from ages 0-18 who are at risk of developing a mental illness. These risk signs may change between people, but if the youth has experienced trauma, shows high anxiety levels, has various behavioural issues, or you are just worried about them, we are here to support.

The program seeks to work within the family unit to address significant risk factors that may be impacting the family’s or child’s capacity to build a successful present and future. The program also seeks to identify and strengthen the protective factors that are already in place. We offer a free, confidential service with an aim to support families in their efforts to build a cohesive and supportive family system.

If you are interested in learning more about Young Minds or would like to meet with us, we can be contacted via phone (9964 4688) or email ( We are also available for office visits at 180 Durlacher St

 For further information take a look at the Young Minds Brochure,

 and here is the Young Minds Referral Form 

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